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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
Installation & Upgrade

Before you can use the Smart Configuration Utility to register your application, you must configure certain file settings manually. For details, see Configure Smart Engineering Manager Web Client file settings.

  1. Under the installation root path of the Smart Engineering Manager Web API, navigate to "..\Engineering Manager\2.0\ConfigurationUtility".

  2. From the ConfigurationUtility folder, right-click Intergraph.Configuration.Utility and on the shortcut menu, click Run as administrator.

  3. On the Welcome to the Smart API Manager Module page, click Next.

  4. On the Smart API Registration page, in the API Manager URL field, type the URL as supplied by Hexagon PPM.

  5. In the Use User Name / Password section, type the user name and password for your SAM server, supplied by Hexagon PPM, in the relevant fields.

  6. Click Test to check that your connection is functioning.

  7. In the Register New Service > Service Prefix select list, the value should be shown as sem/v2.

  8. In the Service Secret field, do one of the following:

    • Type your own service secret.

      If typing your own service secret, ensure that it contains the required character types and minimum number of characters.

    • Click the Generate button to generate a service secret automatically.

      You should make a copy of your service secret and store it in a secure location for future reference.

      The following screenshot shows sample values:

  9. Click Next.

  10. On the IIS Configuration page, leave the Web Site field as Default Web Site.

    The Web Site Name and Http Port: fields remain read-only.

  11. In the Application Name field, type WebApi2.0.

  12. In the Application Pool field, type WebApiAppPool2.0.

  13. If required, change the Application Identity by doing the following:

    1. Click Change.

    2. Select Custom Account.

    3. Type the Login and Password for the application pool.

    4. Click Test to check connection.

    5. Click OK.

  14. If you do not want to use Https certification, clear the Enable Https check box.

    • Https certification is automatically enabled when you have installed a valid security certificate and entered the details in IIS. This certificate is not supplied with the software. For details of how to install a certificate, see Install an SSL certificate.

    • Click View if you want to read the details of the installed certificate.

    • The Https Certificate and the Https Port fields are populated automatically when a certificate is installed.

      The following screenshot shows sample values:

  15. Click Next.

  16. On the Monitoring Configuration page, in the Application Name field, edit the value, if necessary, to Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager: SEM Web API.

  17. Click Next.

  18. On the Configuration Preview page, review your configuration settings.

    Click Save to File if you want to save your configuration settings as an external file that can be used for running the configuration in silent mode.

  19. Click Finish to complete the configuration.

  20. On completion of the configuration, click the Close box to exit the Smart Configuration Utility.