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12 (2018)

You can temporarily import geometry data in ACIS or IGES format from other software packages, such as Tribon, NAPA, or Rhino. You can compare the temporary geometry to the geometry of objects in the Model.

During the import process, the software applies LGF attributes to patches, if they are present. This information is used later during a copy and mirror operation, if the hull is symmetrical.

You can also export geometry data in ACIS or IGES format. The export operation operates against selected sheetbody and wirebody objects.

If you are exporting in IGES format, you can set the output data units using the Tools > Options command.

  • You must have a license for IGES to use the Import > IGES or Export > IGES command.

  • The data in the Geometry Analysis and Repair task is not saved in a session file or in the database. If you delete geometry, or define or refresh the workspace, the imported geometry is lost. You must export the data to an external file to save it. The imported geometry cannot be used to create objects in the database.

The Import and Export ACIS/IGES commands are available in the Molded Forms and Geometry Analysis and Repair tasks. The Structural Detailing task allows you to export ACIS and IGES data.