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EcoSys System Administration

Administration & Configuration

A bug was introduced in Oracle that impacts sub-queries in an Oracle core dump during execution. Two workarounds are available:

Workaround 1:

Edit (located under the ESFM_HOME folder). Locate the section shown below, and uncomment the last two lines.

# Oracle issue workaround to force running subqueries in compatibility mode.

# The default is false


database.connectionInitSQL=alter session set optimizer_features_enable=''

Workaround 2:

Enable optimizer features as Oracle 11.1 directly on the database by running the following command as SYS or SYSTEM:

alter system set optimizer_features_enable='' scope=both;

Enhance database query performance

For Oracle 11.2 and above, we have introduced the use of materialized views to enhance database query performance. To create the materialized view on the base tables, you must run the optional script fm_or_materializedview_0600_0001_to_0600_0002.sql.

In order for EcoSys to utilize materialized views, you must also set the parameter to True. If you set the parameter to False or if the parameter does not exist, materialized views will not be used.


  • The optional script for creating the materialized view is located within the EcoSys package under database\oracle\upgrades.

  • For more detailed guidance on Oracle settings, refer to the EcoSys Performance Tuning Guide.