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This course is intended to give end users confidence in working with the j5 system. This course introduces the configuration of the essential elements required for j5 Applications, including the Operational Areas, Asset Register, Distribution Lists, User configuration, Scheduling, Profiles, and Timezones.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand browser-level configuration

  2. Configure Operational Areas

  3. Configure Asset Register

  4. Configure Distribution Lists

  5. Configure Users

  6. Configure Scheduling

  7. Configure Timezones

  8. Configure User Profiles

This course has an expected duration of no more than 1 hour to review the content only, and 2 hours including practical applications.

Please refer to j5 Framework Help (see ), which will complement this training course.

Module 1: Operational Areas

Unit 1: Operational Areas

Unit 2: Configure j5 Operational Areas

Module 2: Asset Register

Unit 1: j5 Asset Register

Unit 2: Add an asset to the j5 Asset Register

Unit 3: Delete assets from the j5 Asset Register

Unit 4: Asset Import

Module 3: Distribution Lists

Unit 1: Distribution lists

Unit 2: Create a new j5 Distribution list

Module 4: Users

Unit 1: j5 Users

Unit 2: j5 User rights

Unit 3: Add a new user profile

Unit 4: Add and configure a user profile group

Unit 3: Add a new j5 User

Unit 4: Change user passwords

Unit 5: Using LDAP Authentication with j5

Module 5: Scheduling

Unit 1: Schedules

Module 6: Time Zones

Unit 1: Time zones