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The SDx Object Selector input type in an IndustraForm opens a full screen dialog box. This dialog box allows you to navigate through the SDx user interface and link any "object" (for example, a document or tag) to the IndustraForm. Objects can be selected from the SDx list page, Info Map pages,interactive 3D models, and P&ID diagrams.


If SDx documents with associated files are linked, copies of the files that are readable on a mobile device (for example, PDF or docx) are stored in the j5 attachment database.


These files are downloaded to the j5 Mobile application during synchronization. This allows the documents to be opened on the device even when it is offline.


Other linked objects can be viewed in the IndustraForm. When you click a link, it navigates to the corresponding Info Map in the SDx web client.

When you are not signed in to the SDx server, a sign in screen is displayed when the SDx dialog is opened. However, this requires you to allow pop-ups for j5 in your browser.

The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported with SDx.