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An automatic data synchronization with the SAP server can be configured to load master data (Functional Locations and Equipment). The default schedule is a daily synchronization at 1am server time. This can be configured to be done daily, weekly, or monthly, at a configurable time of day. This synchronization imports all the master data into the related tables in j5.

The following diagram provides an overview of this process:

  1. All the SAP functional locations are pulled into j5. If a mapping (Operational Areas Mapping) from SAP functional locations to j5 operational areas exists, the operational area information is attached to the incoming SAP functional location data.

  2. This combined data is stored in a j5 SAP Functional Locations table.

  3. All the SAP equipment is pulled into j5 and stored in j5 SAP Equipment table.

  4. The functional locations are checked against the j5 Functional Locations table to determine which j5 Operational Areas the SAP Equipment belongs to.

  5. The results are stored as records in the j5 Asset Register when the equipment information and the appropriate j5 Operational Area information has been processed.

When SAP equipment and SAP functional locations are synchronized, any new equipment and functional locations are inserted into their respective tables while any existing equipment and functional locations with existing records are updated. Any functional locations that have previously been synced with j5 but are no longer available are set to Deleted.