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The j5 SAP Plant Maintenance Integration allows j5 to access information relating to the equipment installed at a plant. This includes the SAP functional location hierarchy which relates to j5 operational areas, and as such, can add value when integrated with a j5 system.

j5 SAP PM allows you to:

  • Import the SAP PM master data (functional locations and equipment) into j5 and map the data with the j5 operational area hierarchy so it can be used in the j5 Asset Register.

  • Import SAP Work Orders and Notifications into j5.

  • Create Work Notifications in j5 to push updates to SAP.

For SAP work orders and notifications to be used with j5 SAP PM, the j5 Work Requests and Orders module also needs to be installed. j5 SAP PM provides the interface between j5 and SAP for equipment, locations, work orders and notifications, while the j5 Work Requests and Orders module provides the logbooks where work orders and notifications are stored in j5.

If j5 SAP PM is installed without j5 Work Requests and Orders, SAP functional locations and equipment will be synchronized to j5, but the Work Orders and Work Notifications logbooks won’t be available, and the SAP PM Console won't synchronize work orders and notifications to j5.

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