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Heartbeat Tag

The tag to listen to (should change every 10 seconds) to detect disconnection events.

This setting is required when you want to use all of the features in the j5 Event Manager application. For example, the Send an Administrator email alert when disconnected from the datasource setting doesn't work without a heartbeat tag configured.

Heartbeat Update Interval

The expected maximum number of seconds between changes on the Heartbeat Tag.

Maximum Heartbeat Errors

The number of read errors before j5 does a forced reconnect.

Disable Auto-Prefix of Datasource Name

When true, the pi_ prefix is not added to the datasource name in j5.

Display Possible Tags

When true, the possible tags are read from the PI source. This can slow down j5.

This needs to be False if the PI Tag PointClass Filter is set to filter by multiple PointClasses ( * or classic,base), or j5 will timeout while querying PI.


The password for the PI user.

PI Tag PointClass Filter

A point class represents the schema of a point. Use * to return all of the tags regardless of their PointClass, or a specific csv list of the PointClasses to filter by when returning PI tags to j5 (For example, classic,base).


The PI Server


The user name for connecting to PI

To configure multiple PI connections, right-click on the PI Connection folder and selecting New PI Connection.

The j5 system supports both the reading and writing to PI tags. In order to prevent unnecessary exposure to security risks, the user account used to connect to PI should only be granted read-only permissions (unless writing is required), and should only have access to the required tags.