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For details on the offline desktop application, refer to j5 Offline Desktop application in j5 Mobile Help.

  1. Open the j5 Offline Desktop Application installer that has the .appxbundle extension.

  2. Click Install.

  3. When the installation is complete, click Launch.

  4. Enter the j5 Host details to connect to the j5 application running over HTTPS.

  5. Select the HTTPS check box.

  6. Click SUBMIT. The login screen appears.

  7. Enter your user name and password and then click Login. The following screen appears:

  8. Click Enable. The j5 home screen appears.

j5 Mobile (j5 Offline Desktop App) has been successfully installed. The application can be minimized (it will continue to run in the background while it is minimized).

The application will startup automatically after a system restart.

After a system restart, the application needs user focus to sign in automatically and to sync even when minimized. If it does not get this initial focus then it won't sign in and won't sync in the background. After this initial focus, it does not need to stay in focus and can be minimized. This is a limitation of the Windows UWP application.