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The Aspentech IP.21 ODBC Driver must be installed on the j5 Server before a connection can be configured.

To install the Aspentech IP.21 ODBC Driver:

  1. Verify that the j5 Server is connected to the same domain as the IP.21 Server.

  2. Download the Aspentech installation file and run setup.

  3. Select Install AspenONE Products in the installer, and accept the license.

  4. Expand the Aspentech Manufacturing Execution Systems section, and select the Aspen Desktop Applications feature.

  5. Enter the DNS or IP address of your Aspentech License Server and select Next.

  6. Enter the DOMAIN\username and password of a domain user with access to IP.21 and select Next.

    This is the same username and password you should configure in j5.

  7. Clear the Use a data source directory server checkbox and select Next.

  8. Select Install Now.