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As with any web browser-based system, the server hardware requirements differ depending on the number of users likely to be connected at any one time. This means that a specific minimum hardware specification will not apply to all customers and it is imperative that Hexagon is contacted to confirm specific hardware requirements at the time of project implementation. This is due to changes in technology over time, changes to the j5 product as well as the vastly different client needs – most notably the number of concurrent users using j5.

We recommend that you install j5 on virtually managed hardware. This will allow you to make changes to the resources allocated to j5 as needed if the performance is not optimal.

We recommend the following:

  • Ensure that the j5 application server is hosted on a different server to the j5 database.

  • Ensure that j5 is not allocated all of the available CPU threads.

  • Ensure that your server has the required disk storage for the j5 Server. We recommend that you have more than 30GB of free disk space at all times.

  • Set aside at least 4GB of RAM for the operating system (or check current requirements) and at least 2GB of RAM for each j5 process. We recommend that you monitor your RAM usage on your testing environments so that you can make the adjustments (if required) for your production environment.

    • A 4-core CPU without hyperthreading has 4 CPU threads. A 4-core CPU with hyperthreading has 8 CPU threads. Sometimes CPU threads are called Logical processors (for example, on the Task Manager or System Information on Windows).

    • CPU threads are allocated to j5 by setting the Number of j5 Processes on the Server Settings node in the j5 System Management Console.