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When using the j5 GE Proficy Historian Connector, you can retrieve real-time and historical tag information from the GE Proficy Historian and use it in j5 IndustraForms.

The following functionality is available in j5 IndustraForms:

  • Current tag values from the GE Proficy Historian can be retrieved and displayed in real-time.

  • Archived tag values from certain points in time from the history table on the GE Proficy Historian can be retrieved and displayed.

  • Aggregate values (for example, minimum, maximum, average, and sum) can be calculated and displayed.

  • Tag values can be displayed in charts or sparklines.

Since j5 IndustraForms are used as the main forms in many of the j5 applications, specific tag data (data from specified tags over defined periods of time or real-time) can be displayed in shift reports, operator rounds, specialized operation logbook forms, work permits and certificates, general reports, and more.

For more information on how to configure a j5 IndustraForm to display this data, refer to the j5 IndustraForm Designer Help.