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2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

Click one of the following options for filtering the data:


Exports data for the entire plant. For this option, the software does not export deleted data

Filtered by date

Filters the data for the date range specified in the From and To date boxes. The software uses the format mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss. You can use the spin box in each field to increment the month, day, and year, and hours, minutes, and seconds independently.

From last retrieve

Filters the data that has changed since the last time that you retrieved data from the Instrumentation database using the current profile. The indicated time is the time of completion of the export process.  The software specifies the last retrieve date per profile. Regardless of the data range option you choose, the software stores the last retrieve date in the INT-SAP.ini file under the [<Profile name>] section using the parameter LastRetrieveDate. You can change the value manually in the file if you want to, for example:
LASTRETRIEVEDATE = 31/07/01 19:48:05

To enable the utility to work when you select the From last retrieve option, the SAP Export Utility (SAPSyn) must be installed, even if you are running the SAP export from within Instrumentation.

From (mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss)

The start date and time in the range when you click Filtered by date or From last retrieve.

To (mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss)

The end date and time in the range when you click Filtered by date or From last retrieve.

All values in the From date and To date fields refer to the dates and times on the database server.  This is important if the server is in a different time zone from the client machine on which you are working.  To synchronize data retrieval correctly, it is recommended that you set the clock on the client to the date and time on the server while running the SAP Export Wizard.


These options are only available when you click Filtered by date or From last retrieve. Select the check boxes as required to specify the type of data to include in the export. You must select at least one of the check boxes and your EDE View must include the Movementflag column. The value in the Movementflag column determines how SAP handles the data (delete, insert, or update). This column can appear in the select list in any position other than the last position.

Deleted data

Include deleted data for export.

Inserted data

Include inserted data for export.

Updated data

Include updated data for export.