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Smart Instrumentation Version
2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

Use this wizard page to select each Instrumentation item types and its corresponding EDE view used to define the scope of the data that you want to export from Instrumentation to SAP. For each item type that you select, you must select a view from the adjacent list. You must select at least one item type and a view to be able to continue. Only the views that exist in the current domain and plant are available.

The available item types are:

  • Instrument tags

  • Instrument loops

  • Equipment

  • Lines

  • Cables

  • Panels

  • When working in the As-Built environment, you can only access EDE Views created in the Project/As-Built you are currently connected to.

  • View only EDE Views are not available for selection in the SAP Export Utility.