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2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

On this tab, you set font style and color for indicating changes on process data sheets that you open in Process Data Editor. If you choose a font style other than Regular, the software also shows the changes when you print the current sheet. Each time you save and reopen a file, the software marks new changes only.

Mark changes

Select to mark changes in the current process data sheet.


Marks changes on the screen, but not in printed reports.  Select a predefined color or Custom.


To display changes on the screen and in the printout, select Regular, Italic, Bold, or Bold Italic as the font style.


Displays a sample sentence in the font style and color that you select.

Custom color

If in the Color box you selected Custom, these three spin boxes allow you to enter a value between 0 and 255 for each of the primary colors. If you selected a predefined color, the boxes display the RGB (red, green, blue) component values of this color.