Password Policy Parameters

Smart Production SSC Workshop Cutting


System administrators can use Password Policy parameters to align Smart Production password requirements with company policy. These parameters are set in the Smart Production System Settings under User Management > Password Policy.

The Password Policy properties are described in the following table:

Password Policy



Password minimum length in characters.


When set to 1, the software forwards the login information to the application and does not display a password prompt.

When set to 0, each application requires a separate login.


The number of minutes a locked-out account remains locked out before the software unlocks it.

The available range is 0 minutes to 99999 minutes.

When set to 0, the administrator must unlock the account.


The number of failed login attempts allowed before the software locks the user account. You cannot access a locked account until an administrator resets it, or until the lockout duration expires. The available range is 0 to 999.

When set to 0, the software does not limit the number of failed login attempts.


Determines whether the password requires both letters and numbers.

0 - not required

1 - required


Password expiry warning in days.


The number of previous passwords saved in the history. You cannot use a password if the software finds it in the history.


Specifies whether you can use repeated characters in a password.

0 - allows repeated character

1 - each character must be unique

2 - a character cannot be used consecutively


The password maximum age in days.


The password minimum age in days.


Determines the number of minutes that must elapse after a failed login attempt before the software resets the counter to 0. The available range is 1 minute to 99,999 minutes.


The software uses the login functionality and passwords when you open windows applications or the application bar. Available values are True and False.


The system uses the login functionality and passwords when you open workshops. Available values are True and False.