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You add users to the system either manually or using the Add Windows-user… command. See the Smart Production System Settings manual for more information about adding and modifying user accounts.

Set User Password

The SysAdmin must set a password for the user to log in to the system for the first time. The password must follow the Smart Production system password policies. The SysAdmin must also set a maximum password age using the NPSMaxAge parameter.

Users can change their password either in the Smart Production System Settings (if given the permission to do so), or at the Log In window when entering the system.


SysAdmin is the user account for administrators. The account is created automatically and cannot be deleted or edited. For the SysAdmin, all permissions are set to Editable. The SysAdmin account is only used in the Smart Production System Settings.

Use the SysAdmin account to assign permissions and change user account passwords.

Multiple administrators can share a single SysAdmin account by sharing the password.

The default password for the SysAdmin account is Sys4dm1n.

Change the default SysAdmin password to improve the security of the Smart Production system.

If the SysAdmin password is lost, please contact customer support.

Account Locking

Locking a user account prevents the user from accessing the system regardless of the permissions assigned to the account.

System administrators can lock user accounts from the Users list. The software locks accounts after too many failed login attempts. Set the limit for login attempts using the password policy parameter NPSAccountLockoutThreshold.

The system administrator can unlock an account using the Smart Production System Settings > User Management > Users pane. In case you lock your user account, contact your system administrator.