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2019 R1 (6.1)

Options that are not specific to any one tab are documented as Common Options. All other options are documented according to the tab on which they appear.

Modifier Tab


Enter a name for the new modifier. By default, the software names the first modifier you create during any given session Modifier1.

Naming a modifier is necessary only if you intend to save the modifier definition on the local computer for future use. If you prefer, you can create modifier definitions and run them against the current database on an ad hoc basis.

LookUp Tables

Opens the LookUp Table Dialog so you can create, edit, and delete lookup tables. Lookup tables are used interchangeably with the Modifier Builder. See Create a lookup table.


Clears the contents of the tree view


Opens the More Modifiers dialog, which displays a list of previously saved modifier definitions. Using this dialog, you can rename or delete a modifier definition, or open a filter within the Modifier Builder and edit its data and clauses.


Saves the current modifier definition as an XML file on the local computer.

Tree view

Displays the modifier definition in a tree view format. The topmost node in the definition displays the modifier name. The nodes underneath display the various filter clauses - property or attribute - that make up the modifier. Property clauses display in the tree view with the Property Clause icon icon and attribute clauses display with the Attribute Clause icon icon.

Property Tab

Property name

Select the property to modify. You can choose to modify the Item Code, Description, or SKEY.

Attribute Tab

Attribute name

Select the attribute to modify. Available standard attributes are Standard, Material, Weight, Rating, and Schedule.

Common Options


Select the replacement method to use. You can select from the following:


The software performs a standard search and replace.


The software performs a search and replace using standard search criteria and a user-defined lookup table.


The software locates numeric data using standard search criteria and multiplies it by a user-defined value.

Find what

Enter the string for which to search. This string can include text, numbers and any number of valid wildcards (for example, c*). The following wildcard characters can be applied to searches for fine tuning:

  • ? finds any single character

  • * finds any string of characters

Replace what

Select what is to be replaced or modified. You can replace the entire string or, if you are using wildcards, replace only a piece of the string by specifying which wildcard or literal to replace. You can replace the 1st through 10th wildcards that occur within the Find what string, or you can replace the 1st through 10th literals that occur within the Find what string. Consider the following example:

  • Property name = ItemCode

  • Find what = A*D1??4

  • Replace with = X

When the software finds item code ABCD1234, what you select in the Replace what determines how the software modifies the material item code:

  • First Wildcard (* or ?) = AXD1234

  • Second Wildcard (* or ?) = ABCD1X34

  • Second Literal = ABCX234

Replace with

Enter the new replacement string or substring or select a replacement string or substring from a list of recently used replacement strings.


Adds the modifier to the current definition. Building a definition is the process of adding property and attribute modifiers. You can add the same modifier type multiple times but with different values to create an OR statement. Likewise, you can add different modifier types to create an AND statement. Add you add modifiers to the definition, the software updates the tree view to display the individual clauses.


Updates the current definition with any changes that you have made. The software also updates the tree view display.


Removes the selected clause, or modifier, from the current definition. The software also updates the tree view display

Find Next

Searches the current database. Each time you select Find Next, the software searches the database and highlights the material in the Main tree view that matches the defined search criteria.

Modifier Builder Find Next

If no material meet the search criteria, the software displays an informational message.


Applies the current modifier definition only to the selected material.


Applies the current modifier definition to all the materials in the current database that meet the defined search criteria.


Closes the Modifier Builder.


Opens the Material Data Browser, which gives you an overview of the properties and attributes of any material.