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A typical method of defining a specification is to use the combination of item code and size range. The Specification Builder allows you to create filters that meet these requirements.

  1. Select Tools > Specification Builder to open the Specification Builder. Make sure that you have at least one database open to function as the source.

  2. In the Definition name box, type a name for the specification definition. For example, type SpecDef1.

  3. In the Source list, choose the database to use as your source.

  4. In the Output list, choose the database in which to output the new specification.

    • The Source and Output databases must be different.

    • All currently open databases are listed. New Database 1 is the default output database.

  5. Expand the tree view, right-click the component type for which to define a filter, and then select Add Filter.

  6. Right-click the new filter, and then select Edit Filter to open the Filter Builder.

    Add Filter Specification

  7. On the Property tab, select ItemCode in the Property name list, type PA5BS30 in the Equals box, and then select Add.

  8. On the Bore tab, select BoreA in the Bore name list, type 10 and 14 in the From and To boxes, respectively, and then select Add.

  9. Select OK to save the filter in the specification definition and return to the Specification Builder.

    The software displays the filters as nodes under each component type node.

    Spec Builder Filter Node

  10. In the Specification Builder, select Build Specification.

    Selecting Build Specification in the Specification Builder processes only items that have not yet run through a build cycle and applies only newly added filters on the source database. To process all items (new and existing), as well as apply all existing filters, you must right-click the tree view and then select Build Specification > All Items in the shortcut menu.

  11. Select OK in the Build Complete message box, and then select Close in the Specification Builder.

    The software displays the new database in the Database window.

  • Before closing the Specification Builder, select Save to save the specification definition on the local computer.

  • The specification definition is the container within which the filters and modifiers that you define are held. You can save this definition as a .xml file on your local computer for future use. By default, the .xml file is saved in a subfolder under the current isometric project.

  • If you leave the Definition name box empty, the software names the definition Spec Builder Definition 1.

  • To maintain revision management, along with any filters and modifiers that you have created, it is important to save the specification definition. If you have not saved the specification definition prior to selecting Close, the software prompts you to do so.

  • To view a list of previously saved specification definitions, select More. To load a previously saved definition, select the definition to view in the More Definitions dialog, and then select OK.