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2019 R1 (6.1)

You can perform searches on materials in the active database within the current group and filter and modify their properties, (item code, description, and SKEY) and attributes (standard, weight, material, rating, or schedule) according to a set of user-defined criteria. This user-defined criteria is called a modifier definition and is created using the Modifier Builder.

The Modifier Builder is available only when the Materials tab in the Database window is active

  1. Select the Materials tab in the Database window.

  2. Select Modify Modify on the horizontal toolbar to display the Modifier Builder.

  3. On the Modifier tab, enter a name for the filter in the Name box.

  4. Use the options on the Property and Attribute tabs to build up the modifier definition. As you add clauses to build the modifier, the tree view updates to display the overall structure.

    • To add a clause to the definition, select Add.

    • Adding multiple modifiers of the same type but with different values results in an OR statement.

    • Adding multiple modifiers of different types results in an AND statement. For example, you can modify the ItemGroup property and the Weight attribute.

  5. Select All to run the modifier on all the materials in the database within the current group and filter. To step through the materials that meet the search criteria one-by-one, select Find Next and then select This to modify the selected material.

  • Naming a modifier is recommended only if you intend to save the modifier definition on the local computer for future use. If you prefer, you can create modifier definitions and run them against the current database on an ad hoc basis.

  • Materials do not display as modified in the main tree view until you have closed the Modifier Builder.

  • To save the modifier for future use, select Save on the Modifier tab.

  • The search and replace options available in the Modifier Builder are nearly identical to those available in the Find and Modify Dialog.