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2019 R1 (6.1)

You can cut, copy and paste materials between databases--specifications and catalogs--to quickly create master catalogs or to create new specifications from catalogs and other specifications. This technique saves you time by eliminating the need to re-create material data that already exists.

To move materials between two or more databases, the following conditions must exist:

  • All relevant databases must be currently open within Material Editor.

  • Each Database window must have the Materials tab active.

  • All relevant materials must be selected in the source database.

An alternative to using cut, copy, and paste to create a master catalog from existing specifications is to use the Catalog Builder. For more information, see Merge multiple specifications into a single catalog.

Copying and Pasting Material Data

When you select items and select Copy MaterialCopyon the horizontal toolbar, the software places a copy on the Material Editor internal clipboard. Then, when you select Paste Material Paste the toolbar, the item is placed in the database you specify. The material data does not change from its original form.

Cutting and Deleting Material Data

You can move data from one database to another using the Cut Material command. As with the Copy Material command, the data is placed on the Material Editor internal clipboard. You can then place the data into a different database.

If you do not paste the data after cutting it, it is permanently removed from the database.

You can permanently remove material data by selecting the data and selecting the Delete Material command.

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