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2019 R1 (6.1)

SPMatED DLG Material Wizard


Item group displays the active group, such as valves, flanges, pipe, and so on.


Component type displays the active component type, such as gate valve, elbow-45, slip on flange, and so on.


Legend displays the name of the list table that corresponds to each section of the material definition string. Using the previous example as an example, the lists displayed are for ElbowType, Angle, Material, Class Thickness, Radius, EndType and FreeFormat. List 1 displays values from the ElbowType list table, List 2 displays values from the Angle list table, and so on. As such, there must be list tables named ElbowType, Angle, Material, Class Thickness, Radius, and EndType in the database.

The list table headings that display in the legend are dependent upon the current group and component type.


Item code prefix select the single character prefix for the item code and description. For some items- such as pipe - the item code prefix also sets the SKEY.


Material definition string select the values that the software uses to create or build up the item code, description, and SKEY for the selected component type. The Material definition string consists of a series of list tables and the respective ShortName and LongName values in each.


Item code, Description, and SKEY displays the selected values. As you select a value from each list table in the material definition string, the software "builds" the required data. The software uses the ShortName to create the item code and the LongName to create the description.