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2019 R1 (6.1)

The Copy Material Copy and Paste Material Paste commands let you quickly copy and paste material data from one component type to another. When you copy material data, the software uses the internal Material Editor internal clipboard, not the standard Windows clipboard.

  1. In the Material Builder, select a component type in the tree view.

  2. Select the rows in the Sizes grid that contain the data to copy.

  3. Select Copy Material Copy on the horizontal toolbar.

  4. In the tree view, select the component type in the Material Builder tree view to which to paste the copied data, and then select Paste Material Paste.

  • If you do not select any rows in the Sizes grid, the software copies only the data in the main data area.

  • To select multiple consecutive rows, select the first item, press and hold down SHIFT, and then select the last row. Optionally, drag the mouse down through the sizes grid to select multiple rows. To select nonconsecutive rows, press and hold down CTRL, and then select each row.