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2019 R1 (6.1)
  1. Select Tools > Text Map Manager to open the Text Map Manager.

  2. Select the appropriate tab, Item Code or Description, to display the current text maps.

  3. In the text box, enter a name for the text map and select Add.

    The software adds the text map to the database, and the text map list updates to display the new text map.

  4. Select Close to return to the Database window.

  • If the Text Map Manager remains open, you can continue adding text maps to the database. You can select the tabs to switch between adding item code and description text maps.

  • To make the new item code text map current, select it in the list, and then select Make Current. All the item codes for the materials assume the values in the new text map.

  • With large databases, it can take several seconds to update the database with the new text map.