Create a property definition for an interface definition (Modified in an update) - Version - Hexagon

Modified and Retired Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx


The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 54. For the latest information, see Create a property definition for an interface definition.

  1. In the Data Model Administration feature set, select Configure Enum Types.

  2. In the Configure Enum Types dialog box, expand the tag type hierarchy to locate the enum list item and expose the interface definition you want to add a new property definition to.

    For example, expand TagTypes > CommonRun > CommonRunDuct.

  3. In the PRIMARY CLASSDEF INTERFACES tab, select the interface definition, and click options OPTION_3DOTS > Create Property Definition.


  4. Complete the create form details for the new property definition, such as PROPDEF_01, and click FINISH.


  • Only users with the System Administrator PAB role can create property definitions.

  • The new property definition displays when you click + to expand the interface definition details.

SHARED Tip You can edit the property definition by selecting it, and clicking options OPTION_3DOTS > Update.