Create a new enum list item in the hierarchy (Modified in an update) - Version - Hexagon

Modified and Retired Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx


The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 54. For the latest information, see Create a new enum list item in the hierarchy.

  1. In the Data Model Administration feature set, select Configure Enum Types.

  2. In the Configure Enum Types dialog box, expand the hierarchy to the location where you want to add a new enum list item.

    For example, Tag Types > Item > ArchitecturalElelment > Architectural building.


  3. Select options OPTION_3DOTS for the selected list item , and click Create List Item (Enum List Type).

  4. Complete the details in the create form for the new list item, and click FINISH.

    For example, the new list item appears indented to the selected list item, as shown by the draft list item Building Height.


The new draft list item is highlighted by a blue tick, as shown on Building Height. New draft list items remain highlighted until they are attached to a change request.