Configure the enum list types hierarchy (Modified in an update) - Version - Hexagon

Modified and Retired Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx


The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 54. For the latest information, see Configure the enum list types hierarchy.

You configure the enum list types using the Configure Enum Types functionality, in which you navigate and expand the enum list items in a tree view hierarchy. From a selected enum list item, you can also add new enum list items and create new enum entries, as well as create interface definitions or property definitions from the primary class definition.

  • Select the Data Model Administration feature set, and click the Configure Enum Types function tile.

The following example shows the hierarchy for the Black box system enum list type. When you select an enum list item at a specified level, you can view any related interface definitions and class definitions for that enum list item in the PRIMARY CLASSDEF INTERFACES and EFFECTIVE CLASSDEFS tabs.


  • Newly created objects have a draft status and can be displayed by selecting the Show draft items option before being related to a change request for subsequent approval as part of Common Schema Change Request workflow.

  • New enum list items created at a specified level are automatically inherited by child enum list items below in the tree view hierarchy.

  • Only users with the System Administrator PAB role can update or delete newly created custom enum list items. The update or delete option is not available for enum items delivered with an OOTB system.