Maintaining a tag type hierarchy (Modified in an update) - Version - Hexagon

Modified and Retired Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx


The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 54. For the latest information, see Maintaining tag types in a hierarchy.

You can maintain the tag types in a tree view hierarchy, which allows you to add, update and delete enum list items and enum entries for specific tag types in a displayed tree view. This functionality provides a mechanism in the schema component to dynamically generate the realized relationship definitions for the class definitions, as they are required. These list items are displayed in the enum and classification tree list and includes the mapping between them. You can select the point in the tree structure where a new list item or enum entry can be added, and you are presented with a form to add the tag type information.

You can navigate the hierarchy of a tag type to expose the class definitions and interface definitions, as well as add custom interface definitions at specified levels. The tag class definition is a base class definition and realizes interfaces for all related tag classes below in the hierarchy. When you add a new custom interface, all inherited class definitions automatically realize the same interface.

  • You can update existing tag type enum list items, but all schema item changes must follow the standard schema approval workflow and must be related to a change request for subsequent approval.

  • You can disable an enum list type in the tree view but only when it has no active child notes.