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The Property tab allows you to make definitions for properties to be imported in one or more database tables.

  1. In the Excel file, click the Property tab to display the Property Definitions worksheet.

  2. Place the cursor in the last cell of the table in Column N (Depends on) and press the Tab key.

    A new table row is added and the cursor moves to the first column of that row.

    When adding new data rows on the worksheet, you must ensure that those rows are added inside the Excel table in which the headers are located. For more information about adding rows, refer to the Microsoft Excel Online Help topic Resize a table by adding rows and columns.

  3. In the new row, click the arrow beside the blank cell in Column A (Database Table) to display the list of values appropriate for the selected product.

  4. Select the required database table from the list.

  5. Enter values in all the mandatory columns (shown by orange headers).

    • A property name cannot contain any of the following characters: ! # $ % ^ & * ( ) - = + { } [ ] | \ ; : ' / ? > . , < @.

    • Some of the property definitions allow you to type in a string, while others require selection of a value from a list. For a brief description of the fields, see Database Tables.

    • All property values that you enter must be valid for the product's data model. Data validations are performed in the Metadata Import Utility, not in the Excel sheet, therefore any invalid data will generate an error message in the utility when loading the Excel file.

  6. If required, enter values in the optional fields (shown by blue headers).

    You can create a dependency between a property that is a select list and another select list property using the Depends on column, provided that a dependency already exists between the two lists and that each select list is being used by at least one property. For details of how to define a dependency between two select lists using the Excel file, see Prepare select list definitions.

  7. Save the Excel file.