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Managing Constraints from Smart Construction in the Web Client

Intergraph Smart Construction

After you've reviewed a request and have scheduled the resource you manage (or to signal you can complete the request), you can update the Status in the system.

Show a video on how to set the Constraint status to In Progress

Show a video on how to set the Constraint status to Delayed

  1. Show your list of constraint requests.

  2. Select the constraint you're scheduling and select Actions > Update.

  3. Change the Status:

    • In Progress - You've scheduled the resource, or you're working on fulfilling the request by the deadline. You may also update the Projected Date, if not done already.

    • Delayed - You can't meet the required date. You may want to update the Projected Date.

    • Rejected - This request cannot be fulfilled.

      Your organization may use different rules for how to record your progress in the system. The suggestions here are what we think might be required in a typical situation.

  4. Select Update to save the changes.