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Managing Constraints from Smart Construction in the Web Client

Intergraph Smart Construction

When you want to see what needs to be done to fulfill a request, after you show your list of constraint requests, just select the name of the constraint to see its details.

The top half of the window shows you the request details, like the required date and any detailed notes.

At the bottom of the window, you can see the component(s) related to this constraint request.

To quickly see what components are related to a constraint without clicking on it first:

  • Select the constraint and then select Actions > Show Components.

  • Show the InfoMap for the constraint, and select Components on the map.

See the details for a component

If you want to see the detailed properties for a component, select the component name.

See the drawing for a component

To view the drawing for a component, you have to dig a little deeper:

If you're not viewing the component list or component details, select Actions > Show Components.

  1. Select Actions > Show 2D Drawings.

  2. Select Actions > Show Viewable WebGL Files.

  3. Select View File(s) next to the file name.

You can also use the InfoMap to navigate from the constraint request to the component to the drawing, and back again.

Show a video on how to use Info Map option to navigate to related objects