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Managing Constraints from Smart Construction in the Web Client

Intergraph Smart Construction

Need to learn more about how to manage constraint requests for Intergraph Smart® Construction using the SmartPlant Foundation Web Client? If so, this book is for you.

If you already know what you're doing and just need a reminder how to do something, you can skip this part and scroll down to the instructions below.

If this is your first time using our software to manage constraints, you might want to read some of the topics here that explain what this is all about. Click the questions below to read the answers.

First of all, what's a constraint?

A constraint is something that has to be requested/acquired/fulfilled before some component on the project site can be worked. For example, let's say there's a pipe run that needs to be installed on the third level of a structure, and there's no way to get up there yet. The crew needs a scaffold to do that work. Because the spool for that run can't be worked until the scaffold is built, the scaffold becomes a constraint on the spool.

All sorts of things can be considered a constraint: Scaffold construction, work permit acquisition, special labor resources and crews, special equipment like cranes or lifts. All these things can be constraints in the eyes of the construction project planner.

Who is this "Constraint Manager"? Why are you calling me that?

We know you're not a professional "constraint manager" but from the project's point of view, you're the one managing whatever it is that the project planner has identified as a constraint. So that's why we're calling you a constraint manager. It's just a role you play in the eyes of our system.

Why am I using SmartPlant Foundation Web Client when everybody else is using Smart Construction?

The short answer: It's easier for you to use. And faster. And you don't have to install or learn about Smart Construction.

We created a special set of features for the Web Client just for the sole purpose of managing these constraint requests. The "Web Client" is our name for the web site that you navigate to in order to see the requests that come in from the construction project planner.

What can I do with constraint requests in Web Client?

You can review and update requests that have been submitted to you. That's it. You'd have to use Smart Construction to do more than that.

The features in the Web Client are designed only for the manager who's fulfilling a request.

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