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Intergraph Smart Weld Quality Management System Installation (2019 R1)

Intergraph Smart WQMS
Installation & Upgrade
2019 R1 (5.0)

Before you start the installation, verify that SmartPlant Foundation and all the prerequisite software applications are installed. Also, decide the location for the software installation.

The installation process can be used to install all Weld Quality Management System components and configuration files, or as separate installations for Weld Quality Management System server or Weld Quality Management System client.

  1. Select the component features available for your installation.

  2. For the application server installation, refer to Install Smart Weld Quality Management System Application Server.

  3. For the desktop client installation, refer to Install Smart Weld Quality Management System Client.

  4. The installation process checks whether the required software and services are installed. The software prompts you with a warning to install any missing software or services before you can continue.

  5. By default, the software is installed in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\Smart WQMS. Check with your IT department for any specific guidelines to install the software at a particular location.

  1. Uninstall all existing versions of Weld Quality Management System software before you begin the installation of a new released version.

  2. Close all the applications, such as SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client and SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager, before you begin the installation.

  3. If you want to upgrade SmartPlant Foundation 2019 Update 5 to the later versions, follow these steps:

    1. Uninstall Weld Quality Management System.

    2. Update latest version of SmartPlant Foundation.

    3. Reinstall Weld Quality Management System.