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You can reject parts, remnants, and material before completing the work. Depending on your system settings configuration, some or all of these rejection possibilities might not be available. The most typical situation is to reject only parts.

Select a Rejection Reason group in the System Settings application to specify which rejections display in a workplace. For information about rejection reasons, see the System Settings application documentation.

The software returns rejected parts to the Cutting application for re-nesting. You can view re-nested parts using the Work Queue application.

Depending on the rejection reasons and system configuration, rejections might need the foreman’s final approval before taking effect. Final approval is set using the Work Queue application.

Reject parts

  1. Select the work on the Active Works page.

  2. Click the red plus button.

    The rejection row displays.

  3. Specify the Location (if needed), Count, and Info for the rejected parts.

  4. Select the Rejection Group (if needed), and then select the Status Change.

    The software updates the Status Change according to the Rejection Group setting.

  5. Complete the work.

    The software processes the rejection and displays the rejection on the History page.