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If your system settings allow material change in the workplace, the Active Works page displays the Show Material Change check box. This option lets you select or change the material to be cut. You can only choose full plates. Remnants cannot be changed. If you want to change material for a nesting made to a remnant, you must open and recreate the nesting using the Workshop Cutting application.

If either of the properties listed below is set to Confirm, you cannot change confirmed material.

  • NWSChargeNumberMandatoryOnStart

  • NWSChargeNumberMandatoryOnComplete

The software displays confirmed charge number in purple.

Select or change material

  1. Click the Show Material Change check box.

  2. Select the work that contains the material to select or change.

    Lists on the bottom of the screen display the selected and available material. If the nesting is made to an article, the selected material is NA, indicating that no stock plate is selected. In these cases, you must select the stock plate before you can complete the work.

  3. Click to move the material from the Available Material list to the Selected Material list.

    The software releases the old material to the stock and reserves and the selected material for this work. You can change the material if the work is not reported complete.

  4. Click to release material to the stock.

    The software moves the material from the Selected Material list to the Available Material list.