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The basic workflow of a workshop is described below.

  • Start the work

  • Provide the necessary information during cutting operations

  • Complete the work

The workshop pages display information about new, ongoing, and completed works. Each page contains information about the related works.

Start by selecting the workplace to monitor. You can do this on the main page.

Open a workplace

  1. If the main page is not displayed, click the product name button in the upper-left corner, shown below, to return to the main page.

  2. Click the work group name to monitor, and then select the workplace to open from the drop-down list. In the example below, the workplace is in the Plasma Cutting A work group.

    The software opens the workplace. By default, the Active Works page displays. Before the work starts, the work displays on the New Works page.

Search a new work

  • Click New Works at the top of the page.

    The work queue displays a list of works not yet started for the active workplace.

Open and select a work

  • Click a row to select the work.

    The software displays the parts and remnants related to this work on the New Works page.


  • Click Start to initiate the work.

    The work displays on the Active Works page, and the work number turns green so that you can easily determine which works are currently in progress.

Update charge

  1. Type the charge number, if necessary.

  2. Select the work.

  3. Click the link in the Charge column (N/A in the example below).

  4. Type the charge number.

  5. Click Update.

    • In general, you can update the charge number at any time while the work is active. However, if your system configuration allows material change on the cutting workplace, then you can only update the charge number after you select the stock plate for the work.

    • If you are updating the stack material charge number, you can split the material at the same time. The example below shows the interface before splitting.

      The example below shows the interface after clicking Split twice.


  • Select the work, and then click Complete .

    The software sets the work to completed and displays the work on the History page.