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Smart Production Workshop lets you save, monitor, and change item storage locations. You specify the storage location for cut items, such as remnants and parts, during the completion of the work. The software saves the location for packages in the packing workplace. Storage locations for material plates are defined in the Workshop Cutting application during creation (that is, when the material plates are added to the system). Alternatively, you define the storage location for material plates through an interface.

Click Storage Locations to display the Storage Locations page, shown below.

The available properties depend on the configuration defined in the System Settings application.

The list on the Storage Locations page displays the items in stock. Use Search to locate a specific material or review the contents at a specific storage location.

The list displays items related to the active page where you clicked Storage Locations . For example, clicking Storage Locations from a packing workplace displays items in stock for Packages. Use the drop-down list above the list to specify which items display. The following options are available.


Displays plates and remnants.


Displays cut parts.


Displays active and ready packages.


Displays active and ready assemblies.

Change the storage location

  1. Select the rows to change.

    Press CTRL+click to select multiple items.

  2. Click Update Location to display the Update Location dialog.

    Update Location dialog in SSC system.

    Update Location dialog in Enterprise system.

    The Update Location button is unavailable until you select a row.

  3. Select the target location from the New Location list, and then type the quantity of each item to move in the Count text boxes.

  4. Click Update Location .

    If the updated row contains more items than the specified count, the software splits the row into two rows, and the rest of the items remain in the original location.