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You select the workers on duty using the Workers page. The software records the workers responsible for each production event performed in the workshop. Click Workers on any page to display the Workers page, shown below.

Workers on User Group

Displays the default user groups for the workplace. User groups are defined in the System Settings application.

All Workers

Allows you to select specific workers. This option might not display depending on your system settings.

Select Workers

  1. Click the check box next to the default user group or worker to select.

  2. Click Selection Done .

    The Available Workers list in the top right corner updates.

  3. Select one or more workers in the Available Workers list.

    • Selected workers record production events, such as starting and completing works or setting pauses and disturbances.

    • The software records workers selected in the Available Workers list as event owners. Use CTRL+click to select multiple workers. The selections highlight, as shown below.

    • If you do not select any workers from the Available Workers list, the software records all the workers in the list as event owners.