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Depending on your system configuration, you can set the whole workplace to a pause mode or to a disturbance mode. During these events you cannot perform any production actions such as starting, stopping, or completing in the workplace. You can set a disturbance in pause mode.

Reasons for setting a pause or disturbance mode are described in the System Settings application documentation.

Click Pause or Disturbance to enter the corresponding mode.


Initiates the pause or disturbance.

End the Disturbance
End the Pause

Ends the disturbance or pause and saves the event to the database. When the event is finished, select the cause from the Reason Text list, and then add additional information to the Info text box. Then, click End the Disturbance or End the Pause.

Undo the Disturbance
Undo the Pause

Ends the disturbance or pause without saving the event to the database. This option is useful if you mistakenly start a disturbance or pause event. This option is only available if you have not ended the disturbance or pause.