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Permissions are used to control feature visibility. If the feature's permission value is set to false, then the feature is not visible. There are also so-called user permissions that control what the current user can do (a welder cannot do inspections for example). There are user permissions for FitUp welders, QC inspectors, NDT inspectors, and Final Welders. User permissions are assigned to similar user group.

Permissions are added and updated by using System Setting Introduction.

Needed barcode permissions:

NBCPerPartPicking - for Part Picking

NBCPerWorkPhases - for Work Phase completion

Needed user permissions:

NBCPerFitUpWelding - for FitUp welders

NBCPerQCInspection - for QC inspectors

NBCPerNDTInspection - for NDT inspectors

NBCPerFinalWelding - for FinalWelder

There are user groups for each type of users (FitUp welder, QC Inspector, and so forth) and those groups are assigned with user permission.

Available usergroups and assigned user permission:

Barcode-Pipe NBCPerWorkPhases

Welder NBCPerFinalWelding

Inspector NBCPerQCInspection

NDT NBCPerNDTInspection

FitUp Welder NBCPerNDTInspection

For example, the FitUp welder person should belong to Barcode-pipe and FitUp Welder group.

Permissions and User Groups 1Permissions and User Groups