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9 (2019)

You must make the following changes in the Data Dictionary Manager.

  1. Copy the INI file ActuatorTypeAndSymbolName.ini under the folder specified in Options Manager Settings parameter Catalog Explorer Root Path.

  2. If the file is not copied, default symbol files will be used, which is hard coded.

  3. Set the active plant as desired via Drawing Manager.

  4. Open the Data Dictionary Manager and edit the database tables as follows:

    1. Select the Database Table for Inline Component.

    2. Highlight the Actuator Type property, right click and select Properties. Add the value SmartInstrValveProgram.ValidationFunc to the Validation ID field as follows:

    3. Click OK.

    4. Select the Database Item Type for Instrument.

    5. In the Validation Program field, replace PlantItemValidation.Validate with SmartInstrValveProgram.ValidationFunc as follows:

    6. Click OK.

  5. Click Save and exit Data Dictionary Manager.