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9 (2019)

This utility will enable the user to implement changes to a plant’s item tag configuration, 3D pipe specifications, or insulation specification as well as change the plant group association for items on a drawing. During the course of a project, it is very common to have changes required to the item tag configuration and modification or additions to the 3D piping specifications and insulation specification. Using this utility, the changes to these items can be made without impacting P&ID production. The user will be able to select a drawing set and run the item tag validation for items such as Equipment, Pipe Runs, Instruments, Instrument Loops, Piping Components, and Signal Runs. It will also allow the user to optionally process items in the drawing stockpile. Pipe Specification and Insulation Specification validation can also be re-validated with this utility. Currently this type of change would require the user to open each drawing and modify a property included in the item tag to update the Item Tag property. The user would also need to select the calculate button on the Commodity Code property of each item to re-validate the 3D piping specifications. In addition, this utility will allow the user to change the plant group association for items on the selected drawing(s). This is useful if the user has moved drawings from one plant group to another.