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9 (2019)
  1. On the Start menu, select Intergraph Smart P&ID Support Utilities > Global Symbol Replace Utility to start the utility.

    • You can select one or many drawings. Drawings in the Drawing list pane will be processed for symbol replacement. For information on drawing selection control in this form, refer to Global Report Utility.

    • The selected drawings that are found to be in a recreate state will not be processed. A message is displayed to the user once all the processing is completed and the skipped drawings information will be logged in the SPAError.log file.

  2. Click Select Symbol to get a new form to select symbols/labels to be updated. In this case, the user has selected to update three equipment labels with origin symbol files.

  3. Select to update ball valve with gate valve. It is required that:

    • The check box Use different symbol file for replacement is selected.

    • Only one symbol is selected when the 'Send to' key (>) is clicked.

      Now user has symbols/labels selected and ready to update.

      User can send entire folder to be replaced. In this case all files under Vessels directory will be sent to be replaced.

      The following screen shot shows the result after the entire Vessels directory was sent.

  4. To save the settings as an INI file, click Save to file.

    Next time you run the report, you can load the settings from the file directly.

    In the case where no symbol/label is selected, the utility runs in a mode that opens and closes each drawing, which may update drawing for following purposes: (1) data is updated through automation when drawing is closed, which might leave content in label outdated. (2) rule file is modified when drawing is closed. In this case, open and close drawing will make drawing graphic match data in database and latest rule file.