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9 (2019)
  1. A new item tag is created in the product only if the TagSequenceNo property is assigned a value.

  2. Any attributes from plant groups, including new attributes added by users, are now available to be used for item tags. The attributes will be displayed as <Plant Group Type Name> … <Attribute Name>. For example, Plant…Name, Area … AreaNo, Unit…UnitCode, and so forth. There is no limit to the levels in the hierarchy that is used.

  3. If a user has previously added UnitNo, AreaNo, or Train_Number for a special case, the user should change this field to the new attribute that is available in the form of <Plant Group>…<Attribute Name> as described in Special Note 2. When the user opens the Item Tag Configuration Utility, the user will not see those fields in the utility but will instead see a blank field that can be modified to use the new attribute.

  4. To bulk update all the existing item tags in the plant with the new format, run the Global Validation command in Drawing Manager or the Global Validation Utility.

  5. After modifying the item tag format, the new format will only apply to newly-created items or to items that have their tag properties edited in the Smart P&ID Test modeler or through Automation (LLAMA) after the format modification.