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9 (2019)

This utility provides an alternate philosophy for configuration of the Item Tag. The philosophy, as delivered in Smart P&ID, requires modification of the code used to generate the ItemTag.dll file for each plant that has unique tagging requirements. The ItemTag.dll file then needs to be managed so that it is installed on all workstations that are used to modify each plant’s data. This could prove to be a very cumbersome task if a workstation is to be used to modify data on multiple plants.

This utility comprises two components. The first component is the GUI (graphical user interface) required to configure the item tag definition for Equipment, PipeRun, Instrument, InstrLoop, Nozzle, PipingComp, Room, DuctRun and DuctingComp. The item tag definitions can be configured differently for SpecialtyComp or ReliefDevice. The second part is the new ItemTag.dll, which will dynamically read the user-defined Item Tag format, then generate the Item Tag based on that format. Implementation of this item tag configuration philosophy makes it possible for users to define and manage different ItemTag formats for different plants with only one ItemTag.dll, and no change of code is needed.

  • When no configuration is made for the item tag format of an item type, the default item tag format is used. For details, see Default Item Tag Configurations (see ).

  • For the Project/As-Built configuration, two more versions of ItemTag.dll are delivered with the Configure Item Tag Format Utility. They are available in the AgainstAsBuilt and the AgainstAsBuiltAndProjects folders.

    The functionality of these different ItemTag.dll files are as follows:

    1. Default ItemTag.dll, available in the \SupportUtilities\ItemTag\ItemTag folder. Used to check the Item Tag uniqueness within the configured active Greenfield Plant or Project only.

    2. AgainstAsBuilt ItemTag.dll, available in the \SupportUtilities\ItemTag\AgainstAsBuilt\ItemTag folder. Used to check the ItemTag uniqueness against the As-Built Plant and configured active Project.

    3. AgainstAsBuiltAndProjects ItemTag.dll, available in the \SupportUtilities\ItemTag\AgainstAsBuiltAndProjects\ItemTag folder. Used to check the ItemTag uniqueness against the As-Built Plant and all Projects of the As-Built plant including the active one.

  • ItemTagRes.dll is available in the Resource folder.

  • ItemTagRes.resources.dll is available in the en-US folder.