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Intergraph Smart Materials Release Bulletin (2020)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Release Bulletin
2020 (10.0)

To avoid port conflicts with Oracle Fusion Middleware, no other web servers (IIS or others) should run on a Smart Materials application server.

The configuration is tightly related to the number of concurrent users working on the system. Refer to Oracle documentation for detailed information.

For system requirements, see the Oracle documentation.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Forms and Reports for Microsoft Windows x64


  • V779122-01.zip - Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Forms and Reports for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)

  • V789400-01.zip - Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Infrastructure

Oracle Forms and Reports includes WebLogic Server Basic, which is a license-constrained version of WebLogic Server. WebLogic Server Basic is used only for running components within products such as Oracle Forms and Reports. The Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data development team worked with Oracle Account Managers and Oracle’s License Management to determine that WebLogic Server Basic could be used with Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data.

Although the default installation of Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data complies with the WebLogic Server Basic license restrictions, customers should be aware that any additional use of WebLogic Server components may be outside of the WebLogic Server Basic license restrictions and may require additional license fees. Information regarding the WebLogic Basic license restrictions can be found using


Installation Prerequisites




(Types are samples, similar types can be used)


Hard Drive Size-OS, RDBMS, Database

/tmp Directory


<= 15


16 GB

80 GB

200 MB


<= 100


48 GB


<= 400


128 GB

  • DVD-ROM drive access, either locally or through a network connection

  • It is generally required to have a minimum page file size of 1.5 x RAM.

  • Oracle requires a static IP before installation of the 12c Application Server.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Server 2016 (Microsoft Windows Standard or Datacenter Edition)

Additional Information for the Application Server

The application server must have a fixed TCP/IP address.