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Intergraph Smart Materials Release Bulletin (2020)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Release Bulletin
2020 (10.0)

  • In order to avoid port conflicts with the Smart Reference Data Plus server, no other web servers (Apache or others) should run on a Smart Reference Data Plus server.

  • All domain verified user names and passwords must use ASCII7/English characters. Oracle does not support non-ASCII / English characters in domain user names or passwords and will not work. This limitation applies only to Oracle, not Intergraph.

The configuration is tightly related to the number of concurrent users working on the system. Refer to Microsoft documentation for detailed information.

Software Requirements

Supported Versions

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition or Microsoft Windows Standard and/or Enterprise Server.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 10.


XenApp or XenDesktop 7.15

Oracle Version

Oracle Database 18c Standard Edition 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit).


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

  • Microsoft visual c++ 2010 redistributable package (x86)

Hardware Requirements


Pentium 4 double processor XEON, 3 GHz or higher.


8 GB.

Hard Disk

80 GB for Smart Reference Data Plus and Oracle.