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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Web API Installation and Configuration Guide

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  1. On the Authorization tab, select the OAUTH 2.0 type.

  2. Set the grant type and callback URL settings as below.

  3. To get the Auth URL and Access Token URL, browse to:


    Where the issuer URL is displayed on settings tab of authorization server page in OKTA.

  4. Copy the OKTA application Client ID.

  5. Leave the client secret and code verifier blank.

  6. Set the code challenge method to SHA-256.

  7. Set the scope to the GUID given for the authorization server.

  8. Enter a value for State and select a client authentication type.

  9. Now, when you click the Get New Access Token button, you are directed to the browser. There, enter the Okta user credentials when prompted.

    SHARED Tip Make sure pop-ups are allowed on the browser.