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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Web API Installation and Configuration Guide

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  1. Open the ISIP web API configuration Utility.

  2. Select Use Other Authorization Server.

  3. In API Manager URL, provide the Issuer URL shown in the above snapshot.

  4. Replace the Service value with the scope or audience value from the Okta API settings.

    You must also change the service secret, but that cannot be done from the configuration utility at this time. Instead, manually edit the appsettings.json file, as follows.

  5. Open the configuration file:

    <install folder>\SmartPlant\Interop Publisher\ISIPWebApi\WebAPI\appsettings.json

  6. Update the service secret. For example:

    "Hexagon.SmartApi": {


    "Services": [


    "UriPrefix": "isip/vi",

    "ServiceId": "36A28EAF-8C83-4C93-9823-51B64C2CO7ED",

    "ServiceAudience": null,

    "ServiceSecret": "Um2V3kGQ11NnuMJO0rRS-VTF3MfIzibuI-NtyBkj",

    "ServiceSecretHash": "pTPmF4vdWpXor5TarN/PFAByVv76IjCJxPtMkJZnCNU=",

    "InstanceName": null


  7. Save and close the appsettings.json file.

  8. Return to the configuration utility and step through the screens until you can click Save.

    All the changes will be reflected in the AppSettings.json file in ISIP web API end user location.