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An application/client must be created for the ISIP web API on the Okta portal and granted access to an Authorization Server.

Create Okta application (client)

  1. Click the Applications tab, then click Add Application.

  2. Select the following options.

    SHARED Tip These options are specific to ISIP web API. For other applications we change the options based on their service.

  3. Click Create.

    The New Native App Integration dialog box appears.

  4. In the General Settings section, provide the application name and select the Resource Owner Password grant type.

  5. In the Assignments section, select the controlled access option that matches your security needs, either Allow everyone in your organization to access or, to give permissions to only selected groups, Limit access to selected groups.

  6. Click Save.

    The client ID and client secret are generated automatically. You will need this information later in order to get a token in Postman.

    To see the client ID and client secret, click Edit and select Use client authentication. Make a note of both.

    SHARED Tip The client secret is entered in the ISIP Web API Configuration Utility as the service secret.

Assign Users or Group

Next, choose the users or groups that will have access to the application.

  1. Click the Assignments tab, then click Assign.

  2. Select Assign to People or Assign to Groups from the list, then click Assign.

You've registered your application in OKTA.